Our Story

Upstaged Denver bridges the gap between an empty space and a warm home. We have the power to help buyers see the potential in any room so that properties sell faster and for more than ever before. Our services and artistic vision exist only to help the sales process, never slow it down, and to make the selling process as streamlined and seamless as possible.

Upstaged Denver was predicated on a vision that staging a home does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Our goal is to save homeowners, flippers, developers, and realtors time and money. Brianna and Michael have over 22 years in real estate sales and have flipped hundreds of homes. Through this experience they found that streamlining the staging process, similar to real estate photography, will remove a bottleneck when getting a home ready for sale. Our understanding of the importance of staging a property in order to get it sold for the highest and best amount created a natural evolution into the staging business. We realized that automating the staging process, while still creating the perfect stages were critical. They tested this new concept on their own stages to ensure the process was perfected and have now brought what has worked wonders for them to the masses. Our goal is to provide a streamlined service paired with a visually stunning stage to get YOUR home sold!

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Brianna Griffin

Investor / Owner

Brianna Griffin is a Denver native who graduated from the University of Denver with a double major in finance and hospitality management. She found her passion in the real estate industry, specializing in investing. Together with her husband, Brianna has successfully completed over 100 fix and flips.

Brianna Is a huge advocate for staging, and stages every single one of her own fix and flips, whether a 100k condo or a 1MM house. Not only does it help for showcasing the property online and increasing the showing activity, but it creates a sense of comfort when entering the home vs. the cold feeling of a vacant home.

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Michael Griffin

Investor / Owner

Michael Griffin began his real estate career in 2002 and continues to practice every day. Over this time, he has helped hundreds of buyers and sellers, as well as personally invested in many residential rentals and fix and flip properties throughout the Denver metro area. Michael has historically helped many property investors create wealth through real estate, educating them along the way to ensure they had the tools necessary to succeed in property investing. Michael is an owner or partner in several businesses, including a real estate company, a construction company, a car rental company, retail businesses, property investment companies, and Upstaged Denver. Throughout his experience as a business owner, he has learned the importance of saving time and money through creating efficiencies. He brings this business acumen to Upstaged Denver to create a world-class staging company that offers professionalism and service, along with saving time and money, through an exceptional staging experience.

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Tommye Dean

Operations Manager

Tommye is a designer at heart. She graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in the Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. She utilizes her creative eye to assist with stages and manage our marketing, social media, and the overall operations of the company to ensure that every stage is of the highest quality. Tommye encompasses exceptional customer service and works diligently to build strong client relationships. Through experiencing a multitude of cultures, Tommye has obtained a keen eye for a variety of styles.


Your project is in the hands of the best stagers in Denver. We simply love what we do, which is making your property look amazing to the right buyers. We've experienced the frustration of staging companies that don't understand the buying and selling process. So, we created a company that eliminates those challenges. Our goal is to make your property look better, sell faster, and deliver more value than anyone else. Period.