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    What is your appointment policy?

    We know how frustrating it can be to coordinate dates and times when you're focused on selling your property. So, we work to match the schedule you choose when you purchase your staging package. Please use the form below to contact our staging team and coordinate the perfect setup and tear down dates. 

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    Can I have some input on the staging style?

    Our design team has an incredible eye for evaluating exactly what any space needs to bring it to life. They understand architectural styles, design history, flow, even feng shui. That means we'll take care of everything. We want you to be able to focus on all the other details that lead to a faster and more profitable sale. We'll take care of making you look like the style maven you secretly are. 

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    How much furniture should I expect in the staging?

    We know that each space in a home is different. That's the reason we keep a large supply of furniture and accents on hand. Our teams will choose exactly which pieces will bring the most life to each space without detracting from it. While we believe that less is often more, our designers will place the right amount that is needed to help your buyers see the potential and decide with confidence. 

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    How will I be charged after the first month?

    Your payment method will be charged at the beginning of the next 30 days of staging for 30% of the initial staging fees. This will be prorated based on the actual days in the month the staging is in place. To cancel a staging, simply visit the cancellation page, and let us know when to pick it up. Our teams will work with you for the best time to retrieve the pieces and prepare the space for new owners. 

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    Can I add more rooms later?

    Of course. You can add more rooms to your staging contract as needed. We will work with you to set a date to fill the new space; then our teams will stage the new rooms so that they match the style and flow seamlessly into the existing staged rooms. 

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    What happens if I need to reschedule?

    There is no fee if the cancellation or reschedule request is made 48 hours or more before the chosen staging date.

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    What if the stager is not able to enter the property with my entry instructions?

    Your account will be charged 50% of the initial fee to cover movers and stager to and from the property location.

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    What if the property is not “stage ready”?

    If construction not finished, the property is not cleaned or is cluttered, your account will be charged 50% of the initial stage fee.
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    How and when do I order the staging pick up?

    Order your stage pick up at least 5 days before the desired pick up date. If sooner, we cannot promise that we will accommodate it. If we can pick up your stage in less than 5 days, we will charge a $75 rush pick up fee

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    What if I need a rush staging?

    We cannot promise that we can accommodate a rush staging. However, if we can accommodate your request, the rush fee is $300. Please call our staging team at 720-441-4187 to find out more.

If you have another question that we can answer, please use the form below to send it to our team. We'll respond with all the details. The more you know the more you can sell.